“A fair competition is only fair when played in a level playing field.”

AyZar Outreach is a California 501(c)(3) not-for-profit.  The organization was formed and funded in January 2014 as a private foundation to extend the family’s vision to give back to the community. The family’s focus is to positively impact lives in areas that have lasting impact, such as assistance with healthcare, education, and career development. Since its inception, AyZar Outreach has undertaken several initiatives; however, it has been missing a cohesive one that strategically focuses on impactful endeavors.

The pursuit for impactful endeavors led to the establishment of these four cornerstones:


Doesn’t just take care of a problem in vacuum, rather provides solutions and approaches that have lasting impact.

Perpetual and Self- Enduring

Takes a life of its own and feeds on itself.

Growth- Accommodating

That it has a built-in mechanism fueling its growth and along with it, its cause and its impact.


That it enlists other individuals and organizations willing and capable to provide their skill sets to assist in the furtherance of the Mission.

While AyZar Outreach continues to invest in a myriad of private initiatives, its main mission is to focus on PODCOD (Promise of Dignity through Career Opportunity Development) in which it actively seeks Partners and Collaborators. It’s this extended reach which has necessitated the more outward and public work frame going forward.