This helps us create a full-fledged strategy for the work requirement of the client, which will help the client in getting the work of their requirement. This is because WordPress has many plug-ins that add SEO-friendly features to your websites like SEO-friendly URLs and meta tags. WordPress also pings search engines once there is any update on the content of the website. OnGrah is one of the highly acclaimed WordPress development companies to hire WordPress developers in India for your advanced WordPress development project works. Our development team will assist in moving all websites live when ready.

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Creating a new design or changing the design of an existing website is not easy. You normally need the help of a professional designer to do that. However, if your website is on WordPress CMS, then you can easily change the entire website design after just changing the theme of the website.

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After having built over 3000 WordPress websites, we have collected a wealth of experience that is integrated into our practices and capabilities. When you hire a WordPress developer from our team, you tap into the experience of more than 50 developers. You communicate directly with your WordPress developer using Skype, Slack or through your project management software. To make the relationship successful, it’s valuable for you as a partner to establish clear and open communication, just as you would with an internally hired developer. We recommend to start with a couple of fixed-price projects so we can learn your preferences and show you our work before you hire a full-time WordPress developer from us.

Next, we check for technical knowledge, problem-solving ability and code quality through a trial development task that is assessed by both our recruiters and experts. The selection process starts with a comprehensive online application where we look for impeccable English language skills and proven track record of professional WordPress and freelancing experience. Codeable is a specialized freelancer platform for WordPress development. This is an optional but to get an idea if a developer is enthusiastic about web technologies and being in touch with other tech stacks. Knowing trending industry topics helps to handle the requirement in multiple approaches, and you never know maybe what you are looking for can be done better in a different stack like Nodejs, Ruby, etc.

WordPress developers for the entire project lifecycle to develop top web solutions. Hire expert WordPress coders online & utilise WooCommerce to bring your eCommerce web development requirements to reality. Hire WordPress programmers who are experienced in building cost effective and scalable plugins that run seamlessly across devices.

Don’t just stick in technical boundaries but also look for an attitude. Our remote WordPress developers convert your PSD designs into responsive and feature-rich WordPress websites. Our dedicated WordPress developers give honest advice before and during the development process. Our team is up-to-date with the latest WordPress trends and advancements. With countless development projects added to our repertoire, we look forward to serving you the most ideal way.

Most websites are designed by professional designers and developed by professional developers, who are known for their programming knowledge. The digital agency 2manydots decided to hire remote dedicated WordPress developers to meet the increasing demand for their website projects. They found White Label Agency, and now have two WordPress developers at White Label Agency working for them full-time, all year around.

If you have premium themes that you like to work with, we can build your sites on those instead of doing a custom build. You can also choose to send us WordPress development projects one-by-one that we quote with a fixed price, or use a combination of the two. It’s important to us that you always have the right capacity to meet your demand. You reserve dedicated developers 40h/week at a fixed hourly rate that corresponds to their level of experience. If you get busy, we can add a developer to your team or take on additional projects on a fixed-price basis.

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Professional WordPress developers will help you maintain and support even after the deployment of the website. All the themes and plugins developed by our custom WordPress developers are well-coded, reliable and secure. If you have a new website on WordPress or you want to make custom changes in your existing WordPress websites, our developers can easily hire wordpress developer make all kinds of development work on that. Any type of custom work can be done on the WordPress website of yours. No need to say that our WordPress developers are well versed with the latest technical trends. They have worked on the most complex kind of projects in the past and can develop any project of your requirement even if it’s a very complex one.

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As a top-notch WordPress app development company, we efficiently serve the distinct business requirements in different industries that range from small to large scale enterprises. When you hire a WordPress developer from our team, you get the flexibility of a freelancer with the added benefit of a managed service. That means better stability for your business, and easier to scale up when you need more websites developed. The amount of the refund is agreed upon either between you and the developer or by our team through a dispute resolution process, in case you can’t come to an agreement with the developer. WordPress is created with a goal to let anyone create their website with any requirement for learning programming.

I usually don’t consider this a significant problem, but folks like this don’t have any idea of WordPress or PHP development and end up ruining the project. They either run away with the money or deliver a sub-par plugin/theme that just plain sucks. If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you’re a website or business owner looking to hire for freelance or short-term projects.

  • OnGrah is one of the highly acclaimed WordPress development companies to hire WordPress developers in India for your advanced WordPress development project works.
  • Toptal, one of the popular marketplace to find the top 3% of WordPress developers.
  • If you get busy, we can add a developer to your team or take on additional projects on a fixed-price basis.
  • That means better stability for your business, and easier to scale up when you need more websites developed.
  • It is challenging to get a skilled developer with the right attitude.
  • However, if your website is on WordPress CMS, then you can easily change the entire website design after just changing the theme of the website.

OnGraph ensures that you get access to best-in-class talent by offering different hiring models so as to bridge the skill gap or meet sudden increases in workload. Hire top Indian WordPress developers to migrate your existing site to WordPress. When you absolutely, positively need the highest quality WordPress development work.

It goes without saying that experts need to maintain the high-quality standards we have. Otherwise, we remove low-performing experts quickly and with dignity. Your hub of world-class experts for short-term, recurring, and full-time WordPress work. There are many marketplaces, but the following are a popular one to find WordPress developer. It is challenging to get a skilled developer with the right attitude. Our team can handle product setup, payment gateways, shipping standards and other customizations upon request.

If you hire a WordPress developer from OnGraph, then you will get the following benefits. Even though all themes are not mobile-friendly most of them are. If your website theme is not mobile responsive then you can simply change the theme or get a plug-in that makes your website responsive to all kinds of screens.

You can discuss your budget, type of WordPress website, WordPress development services, and customization requirements. We will customize the package for you as we believe in keeping transparency with our clients. On average, it takes around 3-5 hours for experts to start reviewing and engaging with your project and around hours for a project to be fully scoped and estimated. We have an internal matchmaking system that connects you with the most appropriate developer based on a combination of your project requirements and our expert skill sets and availability. Additionally, we have a strict rule that our experts can only apply for projects they are 100% confident they can deliver on time and to the highest standard. Whether you need the custom build, theme development, performance optimization, security hardening or troubleshooting the issue, you will find a suitable expert for your work.

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There are thousands of free themes available which can be used to give your website any type of professional-looking design. Send us a message to learn about our hourly rates for hired dedicated WordPress developers. You decide how you want us to build your sites, and with a dedicated WordPress developer you communicate directly through Slack, Skype, Basecamp or whatever tools you prefer. All our developers are trained in WordPress, and since it’s our only focus you can trust our experience with the CMS. Freelance WordPress designers are also more flexible meaning that your task will be completed much sooner than employing a contractor through a traditional web design company.

You can post your project in free to connect to the developer and discuss pricing and timeline. The developer doesn’t want to be robbed of a few days of effort, only for the client to disappear, and the client doesn’t want to lose time and money to someone who was talking big before the start. It’s possible to overcome these concerns without having to resort to “You can trust me 100%” — using an escrow system like Upwork, Freelancer, etc. The escrow service holds your money until the work milestones have been delivered, and everything is documented for legal purposes.

hire wordpress developer

Whether you are looking for creating an e-commerce project or a high tech mobile app, our developers are capable of developing them. Our remote workers have worked on the latest technology in the IT industry, whether it is AR , blockchain technology or AI . Having worked on various websites and applications, our team has experience of multiple projects and verticals. WordPress is by far the most popular open source content management system , used by approximately 75 million websites.

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With white label WordPress developers as your remote back-office, you can sell more websites to your clients with less effort. We do not put a time-frame within which you can request a refund due to non-delivery of work, as long as the project has not been marked as complete. Finding the right developer is a jungle of unprofessional providers.

WordPress is already optimized to be search friendly, but we also include the Yoast SEO plugin and Google Analytics by default. Avoid spending your own time copy-pasting — in our standard quotes, we include moving 10 pages of content. If your client already has a site and wants to convert it into WordPress, we’re happy to do it for you. Freelance web designers with key skills in WordPress will charge you less as they commonly work from home and have fewer overheads. As a result, this means that they can pass those savings onto you allowing your budget to be spent elsewhere.

It is built on PHP programming language and thus can support custom requirements of your website. Our team of professional WordPress experts figure out your requirements and develop solutions that are aimed at improving your business. Hiring dedicated WordPress developers remotely can help your agency scale faster, and get reliable capacity to always deliver on time. Web designers on who are experienced in WordPress have a history of proven results in providing a first-class service for minimum cost to your organisation.

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Your developer will always work in our office under the supervision of managers and technology experts to ensure that they are working effectively on your projects. It’s easy to add or remove the number of dedicated WordPress developers on your team. Get the capacity you need to deliver your projects, without worrying about idle developers. Unless you know someone with their past work, it is always a good idea to talk to a few developers about your requirements.

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Our WordPress website developers have certified and full-stack WordPress developers on board. Hire WordPress experts that work with a variety of WordPress solutions for high quality output for our clients. Our remote WordPress developers build robust business-centric apps, interactive themes and eCommerce portals to provide you the best ROI.

WordPress is free to install, deploy, update, and backed by a strong PHP backend. If you hire WordPress experts, they help you leverage thousands of plugins and templates to drive a flexible and simple interface, reducing development costs and implementation time. They design and develop websites with the help of the WordPress platform. WordPress developers will handle your frontend and backend development for your website. They aim to build a website user-friendly and attractive for visitors based on your requirements. The main factors that decide your cost are themes, hosting or domain, plugins, and their charges for support and maintenance.

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We work with the top WordPress programmers in India and we have our project management system where you will be able to monitor daily progress. You can create the task, assign work and take the follow up with your dedicated WordPress developers through our systems. Our developers would also be available via IM’s , apart from mails and voice calls so that you can communicate faster. Hiring a WordPress developer will help you add unique features and functionalities to your website. They provide technical assistance to ensure a smooth experience for the visitors.