“Giving is not about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”



Born to philanthropic and progressive parents in 1960 in Tehran, Shirin developed a strong sense of equity and justice growing up amidst a fast changing culture, feeling the pressures of the much demanded balancing act between traditional values and progressive ideas. From early teen age years she developed a keen interest in the world affairs and found human endeavors, struggles and triumphs confounding.  She followed such international affairs as the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal, and women’s liberation movement, while holding world renowned journalist Oriana Fallaci as her idol. When she was in the 10th grade in high school in Tehran, she and a like minded friend illegally published a magazine, with fifty copies sold out before the morning bell rang, only to be confiscated by the break time. 

Shirin went on to study Journalism in the US in hopes that she could learn of human stories and write about them, a favorite past time of hers since childhood.  She obtained her Masters in Mass Communication, but was swayed into different professional lives, chartering accounting at Marriott, inspiring her to pass the CPA exam, which she subsequently put to practice at Disney, filling finance and business planning roles, only to give her the tools and experience needed to compliment that of her husband and launch together their brain child, AyZar Inc. a real estate development and construction company.

Human endeavors, struggles and triumphs remained a strong draw to her, all the while hoping, and planning to get back to writing about them when she finds the time and the motivation. 

Busy lives don’t leave any time to spare.  Motivations abundant will have to make up for.



Co-founder of AyZar Outreach, Medi Aynechi puts words into action and has been a source of great knowledge and inspiration. He continues to act as the voice of reason at AyZar Outreach, overseeing strategy decisions and championing creative ideas and directions.




Mr. Aynechi serves as the organization’s General Counsel, helping in any way needed to further the its cause.