“None of us alone can right the wrongs of the world, but together, we can hope to make a dent."

The program’s secret to success lies in the strength and magnitude of collaboration with partners who have the resources/knowledge/and expertise to contribute to the four pillars of career development. Among others, the list of partners includes:


  • Not-for-profit Organizations – Do you have a symbiotic program in place that can be leveraged? Let’s collaborate.
  • Private Organizations – Do you want to take a deserving member under your wing as an intern? Let us know what you have available. AyZar Outreach may pay for the intern’s minimum wage if specific criteria is met.
  • Government Assistance Programs – Do you know of available programs that may like to partner with AyZar Outreach? We appreciate the referral.
  • Academic/Vocational Institutions – Do you lead special programs within schools that our participants can enroll in? Let’s discuss what we can do together.
  • Business Leaders – Do you want to change the life of a deserving individual? Become a mentor.
  • Individual Philanthropists – Do you find the cause worthwhile and want to get involved? We would love to connect.

AYZAR INC – A family-owned and operated investment and development company located in the heart of Southern California.

CHILD International –  A nonprofit organization dedicated to help displaced children reach their full potential through empowerment, access to education, housing and family assistance programs.

PolyUp – Empowers a global community of creative and engaged problem solvers.

IAWF – IAW Foundation provides a platform of empowerment and mentor-ship for Iranian-American women of all ages.

OCIACC – Orange County Iranian American Chamber of Commerce supports business growth among the local community.

WHW –  A 501 (c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of providing the unemployed and the underemployed the skills and resources they need to get and keep a good job.

Ironwood Electrical LLC –  An electrical company, which emphasizes the importance of investing in employees and value individual contributions to overall success of the company.

Orange County United Way – A nonprofit organization with a mission to improve lives in Orange County by delivering measurable long-term solutions to complex issues in education, financial stability, health and housing.



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